Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Tire Of Lightning!

First off, I want to wish all the mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day. Here's hoping that your special day is filled with all the wonder and joy that you can handle.

Okay. Now that that's out of the way here's how things are going in my world. We'll start with work. My shift bid finally came up and once again I am still on the same shift. It's good and all, but I really would like to have a Monday - Friday shift. Hopefully it'll happen the next time around. The last few weeks of driving had not been too exciting. Mostly just the same old same old. However, on the last day of this week I ended up having a tire blow out on the trailer I was hauling from Lubbock, TX to Abilene, TX. I had to drive 70 miles with it that way until I reached the TA truck stop in Sweetwater, TX. Once I got there it was discovered that the blow out had been caused by the mud flap getting tangled between the 2 tires and the bar that holds it in place was pulled between them. Here's what that looks like.I got there at about 7pm that night. It took the mechanic until 1am to finish the job! 6 hours! That's outrageous! By the time I got out of there my company had taken me off 2 load assignments and I ended up losing about 400 miles for the week. On the plus side of things, I did get to come home early and see my wife and son before they both went off to bed. I tried to go to bed too, but I couldn't sleep. That's why I'm here doing this now.

In other news. 2 weeks ago my wife's mother & stepfather had to come and stay with us for awhile. During a strong storm we had that Monday morning their house was struck by lightning. It hit their chimney and sparked off to their electrical wires which started a fire in the attic. The fire department came and put it out rather quickly, but they had to punch a hole through the living room ceiling to get to it. The damage wasn't too extensive, but the electric and gas were out and they were not allowed to stay there until it could be repaired. Here's what it looked like from inside the attic.

It's only been 11 days and they've already got the electric and gas back on and the hole fixed in their living room. They moved back into their home Friday night. I'm really surprised how fast it all was taken care of. Especially since the insurance company was involved. I'm sure they're just glad to be back at home sleeping on a regular mattress instead of the air mattress they had to sleep on here.

And here's the Joshua report. He's getting to be such a big boy. Yesterday, my wife sent me a video of him doing somersaults all by himself. Last week he began peddling his tricycle on his own. He's begun speaking in sentences and not just 1 or 2 words at a time. Okay, the sentences are a little broken, but still it's not bad for a kid who's about to turn 2. In fact, next Sunday is his birthday party and he turns 2 on Tuesday. My wife & I have discovered that it is hard to by a toy for a 2 year old. He seems to old for some things, but not old enough for others. Later today we're going shopping to see what we can come up with.

Anyway, I'm starting to finally feel tired. I think I'll try to lay down again and see what happens.

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