Monday, May 25, 2009

Sittin' Here Restin' My Bones

There's been birthdays, Mother's Day, sick days, and today is Memorial Day. I guess it's time I post something. I might as well. I've been sitting at home by myself since I got home yesterday at 7am. My wife & son went off to the cabin in Arkansas with her Mom, Step dad, and sister's family to enjoy the holiday weekend. I had to work and was unable to go. I thought it'd be kinda cool to have the whole house to myself for a couple of days. And for about 30 minutes it was. Then I got bored. I went outside and mowed the lawn. Then I took a long relaxing shower. I watched a movie. I went grocery shopping. Being alone in this big house really isn't all that great. I don't know how my wife did it before Joshua was born. She had to be alone 5 days a week while I was out on the road. At least now our son is here to keep her busy. And I'm sure he keeps her busy!

Last Sunday we had a birthday party for Joshua. He became a 2 year old on Tuesday. He had a 'Tow Mater' themed birthday party. Susan and I thought we could get this whole party taken care of on our own. But me getting sick and cake troubles required us to call in reinforcements. Thanks to Stephanie the cake was saved and thanks to Brandon the hamburgers got cooked. Joshua received so many really cool gift for his birthday this year. He got a play yard and a bubble mower from Mommy & Daddy. A tee ball set, a bat and baseballs from Nana & Pops. A toddler sofa bed from Uncle Brandon & Aunt Stephanie. A GeoTrax plane set and a toy camera from the Uncle Jeromy & Aunt Mandy. A hand made puzzle holder box and puzzles from Daniel & Christina. A $20 check from his Grandparent's in CA. A Wagon filled with sandbox toys from Auntie Jo. And of course plenty of new clothes. In other words, he made out like a bandit!

After having been sick since last Friday night I agreed with my wife and went to the doctor Monday morning. By that time I had flu-like symptoms and my left eye was bloodshot. The doctor told me it was a viral infection and gave me a few prescriptions to get filled. One of the scripts was for eyedrops. Well, I'm cheap and thought I could just use some stuff I already had at home. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! I ended up making both eyes extremely bloodshot, itchy, watery, and burning. On Wednesday I went and got the right eyedrops. It's been 5 days and there's still a hint of red in my eyes, but it's almost gone. Another lesson learned the hard way. Never be your own doctor! This is where my wife would say, "I told you so!" And I respond, "Yes, Dear."

That's really all I've got. Everything else is just day-to-day stuff. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

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